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Hysterics EP
Hysterics EP
Night Slugs
Catalogue Number
Release Date
3 February 2015

Girl Unit's club-dwelling Hysterics alias makes his first appearance on the Night Slugs main series. His opening statement via Club Constructions Vol 5 introduced a dungeon world of hydraulic rhythm tracks driven by primal exertion. Hysterics EP offers a first glimpse of colour from the artist (mainly oxidised bronze!).

"Club Life" is built of gated amp feedback and a pummelling beat like a hardcore re-edit that rewinds on itself every 8 bars. It approximates the effect of rave, 90s tribal bangers and MAW rhythm traxks, with an added 2015 aggression inspired by the Vogue scene (apparently reciprocated, with ""Club Life"" receiving regular plays from MikeQ).

"HTRX9" is a stuttered bass rhythm that opens up into a delirious bright pads & noise. A filter house sports theme that submerges into deep tribal house before re-emerging for an elevated final round.

"Eye Mask" is heroic 8-bar filter house, the constant organic movement of the filter over the resampled chords, like slow breathing, inducing a strange and disorientating euphoria.

"Empty" - the comedown from ""Club Life"" - closes the EP on a moment of rare after-hours poise, beautiful pianos frozen in time, steam jets filling the air and Club kicks bumping.

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  1. 1 Club Life 5:03 Hysterics Buy
  2. 2 HTRX9 5:23 Hysterics Buy
  3. 3 Eye Mask 5:14 Hysterics Buy
  4. 4 Empty 4:46 Hysterics Buy


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