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Club Rez EP
Girl Unit
Club Rez EP
Night Slugs
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May 7, 2012

Girl Unit returns with a double EP of his most advanced material yet.

The Club Rez EP consists of two halves: The first is informed by lead cut “ENSEMBLE” – a mechanised Freestyle party track / robotic beach jam comprised of machine drums, Pulse bass and glossy John “Jellybean” Benitez-inspired breakdowns. The balance between pop sensibility and dancefloor bomb here is unparalleled.

“CAKE BOSS” is a bull-headed tantrum in the club. A relentless stabbing lead delivers FM punishment aover crunchy Rolland percussion saturated in tape FX.

A subway ride downtown leads to the “PLAZA”, another Freestyle-influenced cut, sort of a trackier, loop-driven cousin of “Ensemble”. Pro-1 horns and arping bass trade places with stripped back segments of rubbery, efficient drum funk.

The tone for the EP’s second half is set with “DOUBLE TAKE”, a cantankerous track that takes some drum programming cues from the Bay Area. As the hydraulics of the intro give way to the drop, the track is engulfed in gloopy bass hits and bubbling oily globules of leads to devastating effect. Features a in-track 'preview' of “Double Take 2?.

“REZDAY” (or Rezzurection Day), a relative of the EP’s title track, is a sports action movie theme, built and reinforced for conflict. Colossal synth horns and layers of guitar synths are driven forward by extreme metal-style pedal kicks as pterodactyls scream and fireworks fizz overhead.

Finally, the euphoric title cut “CLUB REZ”. The crisp digital environment is quickly filled with searing trance synths, growing to an overwhelming size before dropping out to a cavern of pounding 808s. “Club Rez” echoes Girl Unit’s previous work, but it’s executed with such light-touch restraint, the results are truly euphoric.

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  1. 1 Ensemble (Club Mix) 5:52 Girl Unit Buy
  2. 2 Cake Boss 4:29 Girl Unit Buy
  3. 3 Plaza 4:33 Girl Unit Buy
  4. 4 Double Take 5:04 Girl Unit Buy
  5. 5 Rezday 4:12 Girl Unit Buy
  6. 6 Club Rez 5:16 Girl Unit Buy

Girl Unit

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